January 9, 2020

New Year, New Call Service [3 Reasons to Switch]

Call Service on a call phone

The New Year is a great time to throw out the old and worn out and bring in the new, especially for your business! From new sales and marketing plans, to new services, hours, expansions and more, the beginning of the year represents new life and positive change to many.

And that is exactly why the New Year is the perfect time to switch to a new call service or answering service. But don’t just switch to switch, here are 3 reasons that you deserve a shiny, new, and better call service in 2020 – and beyond!

Switch Your Call Service to Get More Features

We have 13 unique call service features to choose from. Does your current call service offer that kind of choice and customization? Or do they expect you to go along with their pre-set packages, regardless of your needs? Remember, your call service is ultimately serving you and your customers, not the other way around, so speak up this year and demand a call service that has your best interests in mind and offers the features you most need.

At Always Answer, we offer 24/7 live agents, bilingual agents, custom greetings, custom scripts, email-fax-text alerts, live call transfers, online access, recorded calls, redundancy, reporting, toll-free numbers, voicemail, and web on-call schedules. Plus, we have order entry, customer support, surveys, event registration – you name it!

Our call services are truly above and beyond the competition – maybe that’s why we’ve been around for over 45 years!

Switch to a Call Center with Better Testimonials

Speaking of our long history – we also have a good, long history, meaning we have great reviews, testimonials, and a high reputation. Reviews are important, as they are letters of recommendation from our past clients to you – so why would you stick with your old call service with only ‘adequate’ testimonials or reviews?

Take the guesswork out of it and read through a few of our quality testimonials on our website, or read on below:

Customer Review

Satisfied customer review

Customer service review

Use a Call Service That Has the Knowledge You Deserve

Did you know that Always Answer has hundreds of blogs and helpful articles on our website? Or that we have been putting out tips, tricks, and knowledgeable content just like this blog for over a decade? That means we know what we are talking about, not just from our history and experience, but because we’re constantly learning and sharing what we learn with you, our customers.

We don’t just want to be helpful to our current clients and customers when you call us with a question, we also want to be here for anyone looking for online answers regarding call services or live answering centers. We want to be thought leaders in the industry, sharing our knowledge with you about the industry, features, and things to look out for.

We truly believe in helping others and sharing our knowledge – can you say the same about your current call service?

Contact Always Answer Today for a New, Highly-Rated, Knowledgeable, & Customizable Call Service!

We would love to work with you in the new year and show you why our unique features and services, great testimonials and reviews, and vast experience and knowledge make us the better choice in call services.

So, go ahead, break up with your old call service, and switch to the better option – we’re waiting for your call. Contact us today to learn more about pricing and how we can help your business thrive in the New Year.