July 12, 2013

Modern Call Centers — Not Just Operators, Anymore!

Does the term “call center” bring to mind a room full of telephone operators who do little more than answer the phone with the old term of phrase: “X Company, how may I direct your call?”. If so, then you are behind the times, and possibly missing out on the large variety of services an outsourced call center can provide to your business or organization. Always Answer’ call centers are armed with highly trained professionals and the most up-to-date technology.

Call center services go far beyond outsourcing inbound calls, and reach across distance barriers, through the help of satellite and internet technology, to provide administrative services, emergency and alarm monitoring, and even customer service representation. Does your organization need someone to help out with scheduling appointments or registering patrons for an upcoming event? Call Center Agency professionals can handle those tasks by rerouting incoming calls to their Dallas-based call center and using online calendars to seamlessly integrate their work with your own.

Of course, if you need traditional answering services — someone to pick up overflow calls or take over the lines when your in-house staff is out to lunch — Personal Communications can provide those services, as well. Call center services can be custom tailored to fit your business or organization’s specific needs, and you can manage your services via an online managing system that allows you to update your needs, call lists, and operating times, from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you more consistent access to the management details of your business.