November 1, 2013

Medical Call Centers Save Hospitals Money by Following Up on Patient Care

Medical Call Centers Save Hospitals Money by Following Up on Patient Care

Many hospitals have begun using medical call centers to offer follow up care to patients who visited the emergency room or were there for any procedures. There are a number of benefits to adding this service on, each helping the hospital save money.

Fewer Returns

When patients have questions, they tend to return to the hospital. This could be through the emergency room or a specialist appointment. When you use follow up care, the patient can ask questions over the phone. He then no longer needs to return to the hospital unless certain symptoms are felt or the call center recommends it. This gives the hospital more time to spend on other patients, increasing profit.

Used Referrals

Often, patients are given referrals to other specialists. When a medical call center does not follow up, the patient is less likely to book an appointment with the specialist. This can lead to the patient coming back to the emergency room due to a return of symptoms. It also means less profit is made because your specialists are not being used.

Increased Patients

Medical call centers lead to better patient care. This leads to improved patient satisfaction, as well. When your patients are satisfied with services, they are going to recommend that their friends and family visit your hospital, too. This word of mouth marketing leads to increased patients and revenue.

Adding medical call center services to your hospital is going to give your business the edge. Even non-profit hospitals are going to find benefits by allowing the call center to follow up to patient care. The increase in patient satisfaction only leads to a better reputation and revenue.

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