Increasing Cooperation and Trust With a Government Answering Service

Public trust in their government has plummeted to an all-time low. This holds true for any country’s government you consider. A significant factor contributing to this erosion of trust is the preceding breakdown in communication.

Once, the public could easily contact government officials. With the ubiquity of voicemail and automated voice recordings, however, this ease of access faded. Consequently, the communication between government officials and the public significantly diminished.

However, a tool exists that can instantly bolster government agencies’ rapport with the public: a government answering service

This service can:

  • Strengthen connections
  • Streamline daily tasks
  • Broaden campaign outreach

What Is a Government Answering Service?

A government answering service is a specialized call center service designed to handle incoming calls on behalf of the following:

  • Government agencies
  • Different departments
  • And government offices

What truly sets a government answering service apart from other call answering and phone answering systems is that the live agents that staff these places have experience dealing with the kind of calls that government offices usually receive.

While general answering services are great at fielding calls from a variety of industries, the truth is that government offices handle much more serious matters. The nature of the calls they receive is serious and often involves sensitive information. Government answering services know this, which is why the top services train their live agents on how to handle call information.

The kinds of calls and inquiries that a government answering service typically fields can be split into the following categories:

  • Providing general government information
  • Handling emergencies, for example, dispatching emergency services and police
  • Processing requests and applications, which includes assisting in the filling out of forms
  • And even scheduling appointments.

A government answering service can offer much more to your callers, but the key point is that these services are essential in enhancing the accessibility of your government office or agency. Now, let’s examine the typical operations of these services.

How Does a Government Answering Service Operate?

Understanding what a government answering service is, we now turn to its operation. Specifically, how does it manage calls and address caller inquiries? The straightforward answer is that the operation of a government answering service is at your discretion. This applies to even the leading call center services for park operations in the market.

Why exactly is this the case? Well, top call center services, like Always Answer, for example, let you decide how each call is handled. This is done via the use of custom scripts. The way it works is relatively simple:

  1. First, you develop a set of questions and greetings that you’d like asked and said during each call.
  2. You send this call script over to Always Answer.
  3. Always Answer then hands this script over to its live agents.
  4. From there, the live agents put your call script into action.

At the conclusion of each call, or at a certain time you decide, Always Answer will compile all the information gathered from each call and send it over to you. This innovative feature allows you to cut out the bloat that typically fills a call.

By eliminating the need to navigate through unnecessary small talk, you’ll be able to pinpoint your callers’ needs precisely. In theory, this enables your government organization or office to address your callers and constituents more promptly, setting the stage for our subsequent section.

How a Government Answering Service Increases Trust and Cooperation With the Public

A government answering service increases the trust that the general public has in you and your organization. It does this by making it easier for the public to communicate and cooperate with your government agency. 

When the public knows that they can call your agency and not be met with an automated voice messaging system, they’ll be more inclined to keep communicating. This means it’ll be easier for you and your agency to know what is going on in your community. 

Those who leverage specialized services, like a call center for utility companies, for example, note that more money is saved in the long term by employing such services.

Why? Since the public is able to communicate with greater ease, they are also more motivated to cooperate with their utility companies. This means that the utility companies are informed of issues that they need to fix in a much more timely manner. This in turn allows them to solve these issues before they become bigger problems.

This same effect occurs with government agencies and organizations that utilize one of these answering services. However, there is one important point to note and that is that not all answering services are equal in quality. 

Only the top government answering service will be able to offer everything that we’ve discussed here today.

Best Government Answering Service

The top government answering service is none other than the previously mentioned Always Answer. As mentioned before, only Always Answer has both the trained live agents and custom scripts feature that is necessary to completely redefine your call flow. However, there is much more that Always Answer can offer you.

This is because, unlike other services that default to automated voice recordings after regular work hours, Always Answer makes its highly trained live agents available at all hours of the day. 

This is possible because of its robust call center network:

  • Always Answer’s call center network is spread out across various time zones.
  • Its call center network also operates during the weekends and even once your agency or business has shut down.
  • Always Answer’s live agents also have all the tools at their disposal to service your callers.

Let’s dive into that last point a bit more. Always Answer offers bilingual answering as part of its services provided.

government answering service agent

Bilingual Answering and More

Always Answer’s agents extend their support beyond English and Spanish speakers. 

Trained in the latest translation software, they can assist in over 170 languages, including German, French, Italian, and Dutch. Moreover, Always Answer provides numerous features to boost communication efficiency and maintain uninterrupted connection with callers.

A notable feature is the message delivery system, which forgoes the need for manual message checking. 

Instead, it enables messages to be sent directly to users via email, text, or fax at no extra charge. This guarantees that critical messages are received without delay and are available at any time and place, immediately following each call or at predetermined times.

Why This Feature Matters

For businesses with a need to keep management informed of after-hours calls, Always Answer provides the option to email multiple users a comprehensive recap of all messages received. This allows management teams to stay in the loop and remain informed of important developments, even when they’re not physically present.

This feature is especially important for child support agencies, which handle vast quantities of information that is then used to siphon money away from those who earn it. In addition to the aforementioned, the integration of text messaging as a communication channel acknowledges the ubiquitous nature of this form of communication in today’s digital landscape. 

By offering text message delivery to cell phones, Always Answer ensures that clients can stay connected with their callers efficiently, saving valuable time and resources in the process.

Get the Best Government Answering Service

We have thoroughly discussed the remarkable impact the premier government answering service can have on your image. It can swiftly revolutionize public perception of you and your organization, transforming it from a distant and aloof entity into one that is accessible and welcoming. This shift can make your work both more enjoyable and impactful.

To incorporate the leading government answering service into your operations, simply contact us

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