June 22, 2015

Improving Healthcare Customer Service Experience with Patients

One of the biggest complaints by patients is the lack of overall customer service at healthcare facilities. It is easy for employees to get caught up in their work and feel rushed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Any time this occurs, patients tend to suffer, as the healthcare employees are trying to quickly take care of as many patients as possible. It can be difficult juggling multiple tasks, like answering phones, talking to patients, and scheduling appointments. One thing all healthcare facilities can do to help alleviate some of the work load is to utilize solutions available with outsourced medical answering services.

Having a qualified physicians’ answering service take care of phone calls, appointment scheduling, billing issues, and other such duties, frees your staff up to focus more on the patients and their needs. You will be able to provide good customer service by listening to your patient, clarifying their questions and concerns, and responding to them in an empathetic manner, while explaining medical conditions, procedures, and tests in simple language people can understand.

The goal of excellent customer service is to make the patient feel comfortable and welcome. This is accomplished by giving your complete attention to the patient during their appointment. Remember, without patients, you would not have a practice. Treat each patient with respect, be polite, and remain courteous. To learn more about our professional medical answering services for your hospital, healthcare facility or practice, contact Always Answer today by phoning 800-606-9898.