January 29, 2014

Importance of Live Call Center Agents

The workers are the most important and largest resource available to an answering service. Throughout the workday, each agent may deal with hundreds of people. Some of these are happy, some are irate, some are confused. You need to pick a center able to handle these emotions and to adapt quickly. This is one reason why a call center with live agents is the better choice.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

You may not believe it, but live agents are more efficient than pre-recorded messages. A person is able to respond to the customer’s emotions, empathize with him, and respond in an appropriate manner. Computers and pre-recorded messages, though, are incapable of this. It can be upsetting to customers who then do not feel heard.

Higher Efficiency

When your customers are heard, their problems are resolved faster. This means a higher number of clients can be dealt with each day, increasing resolution rates. A faster call time is also accomplished when customers do not have to wade through a menu in order to reach a live agent. Often, by the time the agent is reached, the customer already reaches an annoyed level and can be more difficult to deal with.

Follow Up

Unlike other companies, an answering service is able to offer complete follow up care when necessary. Each phone call or conversation is recorded, so data is available. When your customer needs more help, the live agent can easily find his contact information and address the concerns. You may have agents follow up with a short survey to find out how their experience was, either with the live agent or in your retail space.

Without properly trained agents, your answering service cannot be as effective. Not only are the agents the backbone to the call center, but have influence over the success of your company, as well. Choosing a center that offers live agents may be key in your customer’s experience.