March 11, 2021

The Importance of a Live Answering Service During a Pandemic

woman talking to a Live Answering Service

During the onset of COVID-19, businesses all over the world were brought to a sharp halt and remote work became the new normal. With customers in lockdown, keeping lines of communication available 24/7 will help you stay competitive and profitable. Research shows that 85% of callers who don’t reach you on the first call will not call back and instead call your competitors.

Taking advantage of a live answering service will help prevent unanswered messages. Below are the various advantages of outsourcing your calls to a virtual receptionist: 

Live Answering Services Mean 24/7 Accessibility

Many businesses are facing a surge in calls and backlogged inquiries after months of lockdown. Responding to each inquiry can be more challenging amid restricted opening hours and limited workforces.

Having a call answering service in place ensures that inquiries are managed efficiently even when you’re busy. A virtual receptionist can also offer after-hours support to further amplify customer satisfaction. With 24-hour customer service, issues are resolved faster and easier. This also lets you open your doors to more customers and valuable opportunities.

Live Answering Services Support Remote Work

Employees working remotely grapple with answering and forwarding calls to team members. A live answering service allows calls to be transferred promptly no matter where you’re working. Whether you’re at home, the office, or even in transit, your virtual receptionist will ensure that all calls are received by the right people. 

Live Answering Services Give An Authentic Human Connection

In a world of chatbots and automation, being personal is how you stand out from your competitors. Humans are innately social creatures, and as we face long periods of isolation, the need for authentic connections has become even greater. 

A telephone answering service allows you to provide customers with personal advice and expertise. Making it easy for your customers to get in touch improves customer service and in turn, customer loyalty and retention. If they experience an issue and receive prompt, and helpful responses, they’ll forever consider you as a trusted and reliable brand.

Live Answering Services Optimize Appointment Setting

Setting appointments can be time-consuming, especially if it involves multiple systems. Transferring the task to a virtual receptionist streamlines the process and reduces the risk of overlaps and errors. Your virtual receptionist can also remind your clients of their scheduled appointment to avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Live Answering Services | Time + Cost Savings

Outsourcing your calls to a virtual agent can not only free up your time, but can also lead to greater cost savings. With a virtual receptionist available all day, you can further maximize your in-house team. This leads to reduced delays and increased productivity.

Let Us Be The Voice of Your Business

Unanswered calls are missed opportunities for your business. With a live answering service, you can rest assured that there will always be a professional and friendly human voice to answer all customer inquiries. 

If you need a 24/7 point of contact for your customers, give us a call at 1-800-606-9898. Our live virtual receptionist services are available to all types of businesses nationwide.