October 18, 2018

Business Continuity: What’s the Importance of Backup Systems in your Call Center?

Man Using Cell Phone for a Call Center

If you are working twice as hard just to keep up with half of your business, then you might just need a call center.

If you are missing professional calls while you’re dealing with a different aspect of your business, then you might just need a call center.

And finally, if your phones go down, your electricity goes out, or your systems go haywire, you might just need a call center.

But what happens if the call center has a problem? What happens if their system goes wild and they lose power or phone service? What do you do when the ones you trust for order entry, customer service, surveys, or event registration aren’t there when you need them?

These issues should never even have to cross your mind, and if you have a call center with sufficient backup systems, they never will.

This is why Always Answer takes great care in maintaining our backup systems –so you know your call center is always ready, always prepared, and always on.

Three Reasons Why Your Call Center Needs a Backup System

  1. Power Outages: Having a backup system available in case of a power outage is one of the many benefits that comes along with using a call center.


Maybe your business has a generator that kicks on during a power outage, but more than likely it doesn’t. If your business is one of the many that do not have a backup electrical system, then you could lose calls and business during a bad storm, accidental downed power line, or even a simple cut line during a routine construction job.


With a call center, like Always Answer, we are able to consistently and reliably answer the calls others can’t, because we do have a backup system that works. Our calls centers are reliable and trusted by our clients, so you don’t have to worry every time you hear thunder rumbling.


  1. System or hardware glitches: Whether it’s a full blown system meltdown, a service blackout or a hardware glitch, any disruption of your phone service can cost you big time.


From hours spent fixing the problem and professional calls lost during that time, to maintenance fees you may have to pay and more, there are many ways your company can lose business simply because of a system malfunction or glitch.


However, if you think this is just one of the pitfalls we have to deal with in our technological age, you are mistaken!


With our call center, you never have to worry about your service faltering or your phones malfunctioning. Because at Always Answer we have backup systems for our electrical systems as well as our hardware and phone services.


That means less hassle for you, regardless of system glitches.


  1. Data or software glitches: The other end of the spectrum is not infallible either, unfortunately. And if your calls are mainly order entry, registrations, or surveys, then your data and software are invaluable!


So, what do you do when your system goes down? What if you lose your data?


Have no fear, because your call center has all of your data backed up. Or they should, shouldn’t they?


At Always Answer, our call centers all have backup systems for your data, so you never lose a single point of contact, order, survey, or registration.


Convenient, isn’t it? It’s almost like technology is supposed to help your business, not hurt it.

Does Your Call Center Guarantee its Backup Systems?

If you don’t know about your call center’s backup system policy or don’t have a call center at all, then maybe you need to call Always Answer today and see our difference.

We are so confident that you’ll love our service, we’ll even give you a free trial!

Whether you need a call center for customer service or surveys, order entries or event registration, emergency dispatch or live call transfers, Always Answer is here for your business’ needs.