June 5, 2015

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

From the virtual receptionist who works at home to the largest corporation to sell a product or provide a service, social media is today’s key to brand development. If you plan to develop a signature brand, try some of the techniques below to guide your social media presence in the right direction.

Appreciate Your Customers
One look at Facebook, and you’ll see that overall satisfaction with customer service in general is at an all time low. Make sure you take the time to let your customers know you appreciate them, even if it’s just a simple thank you or giveaway.

Create a Voice
Determine who your audience is, and then speak to them. If your audience is the retired crowd, you probably don’t want to put too much effort into a trendy persona. If it’s the college crowd, aim at current events with a dash of sass.

Engage with the Audience
Engaging content is content that encourages your audience to interact with you. This doesn’t just make your audience happy, but also makes the search engines notice your presence. The higher the engagement level, the higher your rankings, because your social media accounts all lead back to your website.

Apologize as Needed
You can’t control every single person who works for you. Go out of your way to use a professional call center and courteous people in other areas, and make sure you offer a high quality product or service. Then, if someone does make a mistake, you have a solid history to back you up, but it’s always a good idea to apologize. Always remember that your customers are the reason your business exists.