October 14, 2013

How to Use a Third Party Service for Event RSVP

Your company is putting together a luncheon with other professionals in your line of work, but you need to get their contact information, draft invitations, and keep track of who is going and who is not able to attend. As you book the venue, find catering and put together a list of speakers for the event, this can be a difficult balancing act. Why not let an outsourced call center handle some of these time-consuming, but important, details?

You might think that call centers are primarily used for reception and making phone calls for businesses, but these centers also offer services for businesses needing to figure out event registration. Their services include getting together a list of guests’ emails, mailing addresses or phone numbers from you, so that they can create an invitation, and later mark down who is going and who is not able to attend.

These services are beneficial, because call center staff can keep track of everyone who is attending, so that you can better plan for the venue, seating, and the amount of food and other amenities you need. This service can also give your guests detailed information about the event, as you confirm dates and locations, saving you time on updating everyone in your network if something changes.

If one of your guests cancels at the last minute, this cancellation will automatically update in your RSVP list without you having to do any work. This is also helpful for busy professionals who need to remember multiple appointments and conversations, every day. Rather than having to remember that a guest called you to cancel, earlier in the day while you were distracted during peak business hours, you can leave it to the third party service to take this phone call and make sure the guest list gets changed.