August 16, 2018

How to Manage Spikes in Call Volume

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Spikes in contact center volume are inevitable, no matter how slow your client’s flow of business. There will always be times where more people call in at a given time. Call centers have a responsibility to manage these spikes with as little interference in support or call queue flow as possible.

From virtual receptionist services to full-scale sales and telemarketing call centers, these tips help operations and employees prevent volume spikes from escalating into disintegrating support.

Track and Identify

First and foremost is the need to track and identify the cause of spikes. If you can predict that call volume will rise on Fridays, you can allot more staff to handle the increased call volume. Data analysis can be extremely revealing when handling seemingly randomized spikes in calls.

Identifying Peak Call Times

Tracking calls also means identifying your call center’s “peak call time.” This is the time when the most calls come in on a regular, consistent basis. Every business has a slightly different peak time, but, for most e-commerce businesses, it’s just after the close of the business day or during the day on the weekend.

Naturally, peak times will be different for an answering service that answers the phone mostly after hours or when calling lines are busy.

Consider Special Events

Special events and occasions almost always result in a spike in call volume for most call centers. People shop more, spend more money, order gifts, or even just put more pressure on the answering service because offices are closed. Call centers often take these special events into consideration when sorting resources and setting up shifts to compensate.

Resource Allotment Improvements

Your call center agents are your most precious resource. Day after day, they sit on the front lines, answering questions and providing support. While they may do the same job day in and day out, they all develop their own unique set of skills in the process. Alice develops a knack for talking down irate callers, while Mike excels at channeling through calls quickly without feeling abrupt. Place these individuals in queues and positions where they are the most effective and able to use their skills to help reduce call times.

Reach Out to Always Answer Today

Spikes in call volume can be stressful, especially for small-scale call centers and single-rep teams. Always Answer helps businesses streamline queues and provide support faster than with an internal team. Ask us how we can help get your support or service line back on track.

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