November 28, 2014

How to Make Your Repair Business a Success from the Start

Whether you repair autos, sewing machines, or small engines, the basics of a successful shop remain the same. You need to learn good marketing skills, offer customers a guarantee that the work you provide is worthy, and invest in the tools you need to do the best job around. Here are the basics that can steer your course from day one.

Learn to Be a Good Marketing Agent for Yourself 

Knowing your trade is a given, but you also have to develop some marketing skills to get the word out about your great services. Marketing includes attractive signage out front, professional-looking business cards, membership in the local chamber of commerce, and a good-looking website. Today, smart marketing also includes Facebook and Twitter accounts where customers can help promote your great work for you.

Offer Guarantees 

One way to easily set your repair business apart from your competitors is to give them guarantees for the work you perform. Many repair pros refuse to make good on a machine that breaks down shortly after repair, but this drives business away, because many customers would rather just buy a new item that comes with a warranty, than risk paying for repairs that the service person won’t stand behind. A guarantee is peace of mind for the customer, and a great reason to do business with you.

Invest in the Right Tools for Customer Service 

Providing good customer service these days goes beyond doing a good job. It also means being more available to your customers, and that’s often hard to do in a busy, noisy repair shop. Hiring an automated answering service is a great way to assure customers that you’ll be there for them, even when you can’t immediately get to the phone.

By establishing a high level of quality workmanship and customer service from the beginning, you’ll have no trouble surpassing the competition to become one of the most successful repair shops in town.