March 29, 2018

How to Develop and Assess a Call Center KPI List for Company Success

Call Center KPI List man working on digital screen

Key performance indicators (KPI) are essential metrics used in call centers to evaluate the overall success of the company. A call center KPI list features various metrics that are used to measure the performance of the company as a whole, specific departments or teams, or individual telephone support agents.

KPIs help companies make important decisions, including:

  • How to increase efficiency.
  • How to reduce costs.
  • How to increase revenues.
  • How to improve customer satisfaction.
  • How to recognize and identify caller trends.

KPIs need to be developed for individual agents, teams, departments, and the company as a whole. Some of the more common metrics companies will evaluate are:

  • Call Abandon Rate
  • Customer Hold Time
  • Call Answer Rate/Time to Answer
  • Call Volumes
  • Call Handling Time
  • Customer Transfer Rate
  • First Call Resolution
  • After Call Work Time
  • Call Handling Procedures
  • Support Agent’s Knowledge
  • Support Agent’s Professionalism
  • Support Agent’s Telephone Etiquette
  • Support Agent’s Performance

Call Center Agent Performance Metrics

The thing to remember when deciding what metrics and KPIs you want to evaluate is to identify those that are appropriate for your business and/or current goals and objectives. In addition, you will need to decide:

  • How to define KPIs to measure.
  • Which data will be used to evaluate KPIs?
  • How to establish a baseline for KPIs.
  • How to clearly communicate KPIs to employees.
  • How to establish KPI optimal target ranges.
  • How often KPIs should be reviewed and modified.
  • What tools will be used to evaluate KPIs?
  • How frequently agents are evaluated using KPIs.
  • What real-time metrics are required?

Fortunately, most modern call center software includes a variety of different real-time metrics and reporting features for accessing KPIs. An even easier solution for businesses of all sizes is to get help developing and accessing KPIs by utilizing our call center support services and customized solutions.

To learn more about what KPIs and metrics we can track as part of your comprehensive call center solutions you can customize to fit your specific needs, please feel free to contact Always Answer at 1-800-606-9898 today!