January 19, 2015

How to Compete With Businesses That Can Afford More Employees

According to market analysts, 2015 is slated to be the year that the United States (and, with luck, many sister nations around the world) finally pull out of the remnants of the recent economic recession. What does this mean for your small to mid-sized business? It means that more companies will be hiring and, to stay competitive, you’ll need to boost your staff, too. How can you do this without breaking the payroll budget? Here’s your guide.

Hire Well

Filling chairs with bodies doesn’t do anything to help your bottom line. Filling chairs with hard workers who are ambitious, committed to the success of the company, and willing to grow and learn will help your business succeed. Resist the urge to hire just to fill positions. Work toward filling positions with capable folks, and your business will surpass those with more workers but fewer great workers.

Work at Retaining Good Employees

Of course, it doesn’t do much good to carefully hire if all those workers find more lucrative jobs with your better-paying, more flexible, benefits-wielding competitors. Once your staff is in place, offer competitive salaries, great benefits, flex time, and other amenities that are proven to increase employee satisfaction.

Support Your Staff with Smart Outsourcing

It takes time to beef up payroll budgets, find the right workers, and train those workers for productivity. In the meantime, be smart about outsourcing. This means handing over non-productive work like answering the phone. With a good professional call center, you can hire fewer workers, and allow those workers to be productive, without phone interruptions.

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