January 26, 2015

How to Choose a Recession-Proof Business before the Next Economic Meltdown

How did your business fare during the recent recession? If it scared you, there are lots of recession-proof business endeavors to choose from. These businesses thrive even when people pull their spending on fancy clothes, luxury cars, and high-end latte drinks.

What People Still Need When Money Is Tight

What are the two things we can always depend on? Death and taxes. It’s more than a cliché, it’s a proven fact. Funeral businesses and tax preparation businesses continue to thrive during a recession. Not into handling the recently deceased or complex tax laws? Consider a supplementary business, such as a floral shop or a service-finding business to help people locate a great local tax preparer.

What People Still Splurge On When Money Is Tight

There are a few non-essential businesses that continue to draw customers even when spending is at a low point. As it turns out, people spend as much or more on alcohol during a recession, so bars and liquor stores continue to do well. Also, tattoo parlors, movie theaters, and candy stores have no trouble getting people to part with their money, even when things are tight.

How to Provide Great Service When Money Is Tight

What might separate businesses who still manage to separate people from their money during a recession is how the business makes their customers feel. When people are longing for the luxuries they could afford before the recession hit, great customer service can keep business rolling in when money is not. Invest in a great business answering service that makes your customers long to do business with you.

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