July 31, 2013

How Can a Medical Office Benefit From Using a Medical Call Center?

Medical offices are typically busy places. Doctors, nurses, and patient care professionals all have tasks to do dealing with patients, in-office and processing insurance papers. A medical call center can help an office flow more smoothly, by taking most of the burden of answering calls out of the equations.

Not only will having medical call center operators taking inbound calls help free up time for in-house staff to attend to the needs of patients who are standing before them, it will also make the office a more tranquil place. Patients will have an easier time hearing their name being called, or while having conversations while checking in, giving payment, or with any other concerns, and they will not be interrupted by other callers asking for directions or wanting to re-schedule their appointment.

Medical call center operators are training to handle medical-based calls, and are well versed in the details of HIPPAA, so you and your patients can rest assured that your information will be safely guarded from misuse. Personal Communications’s outsourced medical call center staff can set, reschedule, and cancel appointments, as well as process payments for services and give directions to your office. All messages or emergency issues can be immediately forwarded to a doctor, nurse, or other in-office staff members. Emergency calls can also be handled during off hours at night, and on weekends, and the messages can be sent to on-call staff for immediate attention, so that patients always feel connected to their healthcare provider.