July 30, 2012

How Bilingual and After Hours Answering Services Can Benefit Your Business

Even fully-staffed companies have needs that are difficult to meet with in-house personnel. For example, many callers in this country are fluent Spanish speakers, and you don’t want to lose their valuable business when it’s difficult to find employees who can effectively communicate with them. Also, staffing answering services overnight and on the weekends or holidays can get pricey. Not only do you have to plan for payroll during these hours, you also must provide the space, power, phone lines and equipment to get the job done. But these expenses can be greatly reduced, when you outsource these types of jobs.

Each customer of our answering services gives their own instructions as to how they want their calls to be handled. Ourcall center personnel answer calls just as your own employees would. Only, we can guarantee that foreign callers have access to someone who speaks their language, and we don’t have to shut our doors and go home, just because the clock reads 5 p.m. This frees up your time and puts less restriction on your budget – so you can concentrate on running your business while we handle the large call volume that your marketing efforts bring in. Other services we offer include scheduling and confirming appointments, event registration call handling, emergency dispatch, order entries, taking surveys — and much more. Try us on a trial basis, to see what a huge benefit these services can be to your company or business.