July 16, 2014

How a 24-Hour Answering Service Can Boost Your Business

Service businesses are better positioned for success when they can offer 24/7 service. But not many small businesses can afford to keep a staff at the helm at all hours of the day and night. The ideal option is a 24 hour answering service, which can take the calls for you, dispatch a service agent if necessary, and allow you to get the rest you need to continue growing your business.

What kinds of businesses benefit from this type of answering service?

  • Tow truck companies
  • Heating and air conditioning contractors
  • Small town utility companies
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Law firms
  • Doctors offices and clinics
  • Contractors
  • Many other service businesses who wish to offer 24/7 service to their customers

Offering a round the clock phone number tells customers you are serious about serving their needs. Having a phone answering service for after hours means you don’t have to pay an extra person a salary or forward your business home to your home phone when you leave for the day. You and your family can sleep soundly through the night, and the service will alert your staff that is on call if a service call is needed during the night.

When new customers call a service company, such as a heating and air contractor or plumber, they are likely to use the one they find for years to come. That means it is important to be the first contact a customer makes when the heater goes out at 3 a.m. or the kitchen sink starts spewing water at midnight. Be there when they need you, and they’re likely to be your customers forever.

A 24 hour answering service is your ticket to a larger, more loyal customer base.