December 20, 2019

How to Handle Customer Call Spikes During the Holidays with a Live Answering Service

Holiday Call answering service

A Live Answering Service can be a huge help this holiday season. Whether you’re in a retail or service industry, security, medical, or property management, the holidays can often show customer call spikes both in call volume and often, duration.

But how can you handle these call spikes at a busy time of the year? What about if you have shortened hours or close your office on major holidays? What if your employees take time off?

All of these are common occurrences, but they don’t have to add to your stress this holiday season. Here are just a few ways that a live answering service can help you with customer call spikes, closed hours, vacation time, and more!

Perks of a Live Answering Service for Holiday Call Spikes:

Call spikes are a reality of the holiday season, much like taxes and death – they just can’t be avoided. However, you can easily plan for them by getting in touch with a live answering service and setting up a plan.

Expecting more calls from 3:00-5:00 in the afternoons? Have your live answering call service on during that time and your employees (and you) won’t have to constantly deal with buzzing, ringing, and having to juggle your in-person customers with your calling ones.

Always Answer and our live answering services make it easy to get back to what you do best – running your business!

How Can Live Answering Services Help During Closed-Hours?

If you only want a live answering service when your business is closed, it can still be hugely helpful for two reasons.

First – you or your team won’t have to answer all of those messages every morning when you’re trying to start your day, open up, and fulfill all the morning responsibilities too.

Second – your customers or clients who are calling after hours won’t have to wait 12 hours, 16 hours, or even longer to hear back from you or get their questions answered. Most consumers expect immediate answers now, especially around the holidays when ‘now’ is the name of the game.

Don’t get left behind, because your clients might just leave for a more communicative business if they don’t get their needs met quickly by you.

Employee Vacations? A Live Answering Service Can Help Fill the Gaps!

The holidays are already busy, but it’s also a time where many employees take time off to be with family, go on vacation, travel, or simply recharge. Make sure your phone lines are still covered with a live answering service that never puts on an auto-response, ‘out to lunch’, or vacation notification.

That’s the beauty of a live answering service – we’re here when you need us, no matter when that is! Holidays, weekends, nights, or busy call spikes, Always Answer is always on call for you!

Think of All the Time You’ll Save with Always Answer & a Live Answering Service!

Live answering services aren’t just for the holidays, as all throughout the year there can be busy periods where your calls spike. And of course, calls can always come in when you’re closed or short-staffed due to growth, vacations, and more.

Make sure you and your customers are always covered with a professional call center. From answering caller questions to appointment scheduling and confirmation, even employee screening services – we are able to provide the exact mix of amenities and features that your unique business needs, all year round.

Contact Always Answer today to learn more about our many services, features, and pricing. Or, if you prefer to try before you buy, try us for 7 days for free, and see why all our customers rave about PC!

There’s a reason we’ve been industry leaders for almost 45 years – see for yourself and call us now!