July 24, 2013

Help Your Medical Office Function Better With Help From a Medical Call Center

Is your medical office constantly buzzing with activity? Are there so many patients going in and out that the background noise makes phone conversations difficult? Free up your in-house staff’s time and attention by outsourcing inbound calls, appointment scheduling, customer service, and emergency monitoring to a capable call center service.

Medical administrative assistants wear many hats. They typically handle checking in patients, scheduling appointments, answering the phone, and processing payments. You can reduce their multi-tasking to one or two specific tasks, increasing their efficiency and increasing their ability to provide courteous, caring customer service to patients, while also decreasing their stress level, all by employing a medical call center to handle some of the everyday tasks, such as appointment scheduling. By using an online based calendar call center, operators can schedule appointments, call patients with polite reminders, and make cancellations, all without overlapping with any appointments scheduled in-house.

A friendly operator can also process payments and provide customer services, such as giving patients information on directions and office hours. Your in-house staff can be free to assist patients that are right in front of them, without having to excuse themselves to answer phone calls — this creates a sense that each patient is receiving personal attention, which in turn makes them feel more confident in the care they receive from your office, and also increases the likelihood that they will recommend your office to their friends and family.