March 5, 2014

Help Your Answering Service, Help Yourself

Once you start on the search for an answering service, think about how you found them. After you choose the best service for your business, you can help the call center improve themselves. This can occur through various methods of feedback, such as meetings, reports, or simply stating where their ad was seen.


Some answering services are going to offer meetings to you quarterly or annually. This allows you and your managers to give the company feedback in order to better the services. It will probably be brief; however, you can expand if you want. While it takes some of your time, it will directly benefit your company. The feedback you give can help change the services you receive to be more cost-effective.


If your call center is not local, you may be asked to fill out a report. It can be a short survey or may be a brief email. The report ends up giving the call center the same information as the meeting. It lets your center know they are doing their job well or where changes should be made. Unless you already have specific information in mind, a survey may be easier, because it directs your thoughts.


When you think “answering service,” marketing may not cross your mind. But, like all other businesses, marketing matters. It is how the center brings in new clients and continues to enhance their services. At some point, ensure you tell your center where you found them. This tells the call center that their campaign is working and where to continue to spend money.

When you offer feedback to your answering service, it can only help to benefit you in the long run. It leads to enhanced and more specific services for your business. This means better customer satisfaction, and, in the long run, a higher profit. Some people say, “Sometimes, everyone wins.” We say, “Everyone always wins.”