September 15, 2016

Five Ways to Earn Trust from Customers

Earning the trust from customers can seem challenging for businesses of all sizes. One way to start to develop a customer’s trust and keep it is through consistency. San Antonio answering service Always Answer offers the following ways you can help earn trust and keep it.

  1. Always Smile – Your customers can tell if you are smiling based on the tone in your voice when you speak to them over the phone. Having a friendly attitude and remembering to smile while discussing your customer’s problems and concerns helps reassure them that you care about them.
  2. Avoid Making Customers Wait for Service – Putting a caller on hold for long periods, not greeting them when they walk into your business, and ignoring them are not good business practices. Make sure to greet customers by name; if possible, let them know you are available to help; and always get their permission before placing them on hold.
  3. Deliver on Promises – If you promise to respond to a customer’s inquiry within a set period of time, make sure you follow up as promised. Even if you still have no new information, a quick phone call to let them know you have not forgotten about them will go a long way.
  4. Take Ownership of the Problem – If it is within your ability to resolve the customer’s problem, take ownership of it. Passing it off to other reps and supervisors makes customers feel unappreciated. If you cannot resolve their problem, let them know you cannot, but will find someone who can, and then warm transfer the call.
  5. Never Be Afraid to Apologize – We are all human and prone to making mistakes, even businesses. If the issue was the result of an error caused by your business, do not be afraid to sincerely apologize to the customer. By admitting responsibility and apologizing for the problem, it lets your customers know you are human, too.

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