September 3, 2014

Economic Recovery Is Bigger in Texas

As the national unemployment struggles to move below 6.2 percent, unemployment in Texas stands at a heartier, healthier 5.1 percent, more than a full percentage point below the national average. Though the economy of Texas has historically depended largely on the oil and gas industries, new growth is strongest in business and professional services, such as legal, security, and landscaping. While a low unemployment rate is great for the state’s economy, it does make it harder for businesses to find and retain a strong enough workforce to continue growing. How can your business keep pace with growth when fewer qualified workers are available?

Call Centers Are the Answer to Low Unemployment in Texas

Businesses can supplement their workforce with a business answering service. These employees act as a backup for your staff, taking over answering the phone so workers can concentrate on getting their usual work done. A call center can also take care of your outbound calling, including marketing, so that you can continue to grow the business and add workers as you are ready.

Many businesses that contract with an answering service find that it’s easier, cheaper, and more beneficial than the process of hiring, training, and maintaining additional workers on staff. Lawyers, physicians, real estate agents, lawn care services, house cleaning businesses, and many other professional services have learned to depend on a call center for times when phones get too hectic or when hiring hasn’t kept pace with the growth of the business. If your business could use a helping hand, find out how a call center can benefit your workers today.