September 10, 2020

Doctor’s Answering Service Features

Doctor’s Answering Service on a cell phone

With a personalized doctor’s answering service, your healthcare office will never miss a call again. This will guarantee your clients and callers receive the best customer service when they call with their medical questions or appointment scheduling inquiries. 

We offer doctor’s answering services with the features you need, like:

  • Calls managed to your instructions
  • 100% HIPPA compliant
  • Secure messaging
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment reminders
  • Highest quality customer care

Why Choose a Doctor’s Answering Service?

A doctor’s answering service can assist your business in many ways, from appointment scheduling and confirmations to taking calls during busy hours while strictly adhering to HIPAA standards.

Whether you are a doctor, dental, or healthcare office, using a trusted medical answering service can save your staff time and save you money.

Did you know that estimations put the cost of missed doctor appointments at near $150 billion in the US alone? No-show rates can reach 30% during certain times of the year!

Find a more efficient way to run your doctor’s office with our doctor’s answering service and appointment scheduling.

Appointment Scheduling & Reminders

Whether you prefer text alerts and email reminders, to automated voicemails, or even a real, live call to remind your patients about their upcoming appointment, a medical answering service is able to confirm or remind patients about their appointments.

When you’re responsible for a busy medical practice, not just any doctor’s answering service will do. You need the expert medical answering services that are HIPAA compliant and designed to support your patients, staff, and efficiency!

Use an online calendar to prevent overbooking and to give you instant updates – our agents can even schedule appointments on your behalf.

Always Be Available with Our 24-Hour Doctor’s Answering Services

Transfer your calls to us during lunch, while you are running errands, or on an overflow basis. Our agents are trained, ready, and available any time you need an out-of-office receptionist.

Plus, to save you money, we offer practices like the option of using our after-hours upfront greeting. Automated upfront greetings generally indicate that the office is closed, provide further instructions, and can be configured with or without press options.

Sample Automated Greeting:

“Thank you for calling ___. Our office hours are ___ to ___. For billing or general inquiries, please call back during our normal business hours. If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please press -1- now. Thank you.”

HIPAA Compliance Is Necessary for Your Doctor’s Answering Service

Aligning daily procedures to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a requirement for all healthcare providers, including their medical call centers and all doctor’s answering services.

Always Answer understands the importance of protecting your patient’s information. Every agent goes through comprehensive HIPAA training and signs a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their employment. Security measures are also put into place, ranging from building access to workstation logins.

 Contact Always Answer for Your Doctor’s Answering Service

We are here to help, whether that be with appointment scheduling and confirmation, after-hours calls, or peak-hour calls. We can create a doctor’s answering service package that has the features you need and fits your goals – nothing more and never anything less!

That’s why we are your premier doctor’s answering service and call center – because we do so much more than ‘telemarketing.’ That’s why we’re Always Answer because we’re personalized! None of our packages are cookie-cutter, as none of our clients are cookie-cutter.

Give us a try for free for seven days and see first-hand how we can help your medical answering service! Or, request pricing here.

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