May 11, 2020

Custom Live Answering Services from Always Answer

Custom Live Answering Services on a cell phone

Always Answer not only offers exceptional live answering services, we offer custom live answering services – from custom scripts to custom greetings, we have the personalized answering services you need.

We take our name seriously and personalize every aspect of your answering services to cater to your industry, your needs, and your business. 

Custom Scripts for Your Live Answering Service

Always Answer offers the best in custom call center and answering services, because we offer the most customization and truly listen to what our clients need from their 24/7 live answering service.

Our advanced call center software allows us to create custom scripts to best serve your callers – because we can follow your exact instructions for each and every call – now, that’s personalized!

For more detailed information on our custom scripts or locator features, contact our care team who will draft a call flow for you that will give your callers a seamless experience. This unique call flow will guide your agent to the appropriate custom script and questions based on your caller’s needs and responses. We will work with you to develop and fine-tune personalized call handling instructions in order to provide the best answering service experience for you and your callers, 24/7.

Locator Features Bring Your Callers to You

With our locator features, our intelligent scripting can also calculate the distance between your caller and your nearest business location. This feature is a helpful tool when you have multiple store locations. Plus, if your callers are on the go, our live agents can send your caller whatever address or office coordinates you prefer, right to their smartphone.

We can also pop-up your website on our agents’ screen to ensure we have access to the most complete information possible – from your location and hours, to your specific wording from your webpage.

If your customers request more detailed responses, we can direct them to whatever personal or professional number you prefer, your voicemail, pager, or other contact methods. Again, this is the type of personalization and customization that only we offer – because we think you deserve services that cater to you, not cookie-cutter call services.

Custom Greetings From Your Live Call Service

A great way to save on call center costs is to utilize our customized automated upfront greeting. An automated upfront greeting is a pre-recorded message to help screen your calls – similar to when you call a store and get a ‘Press 1 for Customer Care’, ‘Press 2 for Returns’, Press 3 for Hours and Locations’, etc.

Depending on the time and day, you can choose what your greeting will say or if a custom greeting will play at all. This means you provide the custom script, and we’ll record the outgoing message.

Our custom greetings allow press options that will connect the caller to a voicemail box, live operator, a specific department, or informational announcements – meaning it can be just as customized as the rest of our call services.

Most automated custom greetings are recommended for industries that rely on a live call center to handle only emergency calls or calls after business hours, or even 24/7 if call volume is usually high. It’s also a good way to redirect non-emergency calls, while still having your emergency calls handled by one of our professional telephone answering service representatives.

Here is a common after hours greeting sample – of course, they can always be customized to suit your specific needs:

Thank you for calling ________.  Our store hours are ___ to ___. For non-emergencies or general office inquiries, please call back during normal business hours. If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please press 1 now. Thank you.” 

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