September 8, 2022

Common Signs It’s Time to Enlist a 24/7 Office Answering Service

two men discussing 24/7 Office Answering Service

Over 66 percent of US citizens stated that customer service was a very important factor when choosing a brand. Phone lines available 24/7 help clients reach the business whenever they please, which is a crucial determiner of their loyalty to your brand or company. 

A busy atmosphere is excellent for any business, but it may be hard to keep up with overwhelming amounts of phone calls. When a business grows, enlisting a call service is the most affordable and effective thing an owner can do. 

Hiring a reliable answering service can save your business in the long run. This article will list signs it’s time to turn to 24/7 phone services. 

Recognizing Signs That You Need A Call Service

A key habit of every successful entrepreneur is the ability to always learn something new. The first step toward thriving entrepreneurship is recognizing the need for help. When a business is experiencing growth, the hardest part is focusing on phone calls and messages. However, losing track of them can cost your business

To know whether your company requires help, ask the following questions:

  • Is the business available 24/7?
  • Is the business going through a growing phase?
  • Is time wasted during the day?

If your company checks all the questions, then the next step is considering the signs. 

6 Signs That Call For An Answering Service

1. There is no hired receptionist 

A receptionist saves the owner and the staff from answering phone calls during work hours. Today, employers hire virtual receptionists with 24/7 answering capabilities which preserves work hours and allows focus on things that need accomplishing. 

2. The Business receives a lot of calls 

With every growing business, the number of phone calls increases. These happen during specific times of the year, and hiring an answering service can take the load off the owner and the employees. 

3. The business has different departments 

Incoming calls for different departments need to be routed. With a growing business, new departments are inevitable. This causes wrongly routed phone calls that aggravate the employees and the customers. A phone agency can help route the calls to the correct department. 

4. You don’t have a disaster backup plan

Loss of power, natural disasters, and other scenarios can halt your work, and phone lines, webchats, and emails lose function. If you don’t have a backup plan in such a situation, your customers won’t be able to reach you. An answering service can help keep things running no matter the situation.  

5. Check-ins for employees

If you travel often, you probably rely on employee check-ins. This also goes for employees that travel for work. An answering service helps the employer regularly check whether their servicemen arrived at the destination, and it helps the employee contact the manager, too. 

6. An overworked IT team 

With the prevalence of technology, companies can rely too much on their IT team for outsourcing. An answering service can better handle questions while your IT team can focus on other company issues. 

Employ an Experienced On-Call Service

Whether the employer is always traveling, has an overworked IT team, or wants their business running no matter the circumstances, a 24/7 answering service can handle it better. 

Everything from agents to virtual receptionists is available 24/7, to voicemail, customer support, mail, and fax, to emergency dispatchers. A proper on-call agency offers all of the above. 

Reach out to Always Answer today, and leave all incoming calls to us. Our team of professional agents will answer all your messages, ensuring your employees have a balanced workload, and providing all other on-call services your business needs to thrive.