June 17, 2013

Call Center vs. Phone Service

Call center services offer more options and more support than phone company plans, and can save more time and money than standard phone services. Instead of paying for multiple lines, call waiting, and voicemail, by outsourcing calls to a call center, you can opt for your customers to receive the personal attention of an operator, who can either assist them directly, or send a message to one of your employees regarding the customer’s needs, rather than having your customers deal with an automated answering system or be kept waiting on hold.

Customers appreciate feeling as though their individual business matters. For that reason, people are more likely to deal with companies where they can get personalized attention and good customer service. Personal Communications offers call center services that are geared toward providing expert answering services that extend and enhance the customer service of their clients. Phone companies do not offer personalized service or the option of having skilled operators take calls for your company.

Multi-line phones and call waiting can raise the noise level and stress of an office environment, while decreasing productivity, by causing administrative assistants to split their focus between tasks such as filing and greeting patrons, and answering phone calls. Outsourcing call centers can cut down on the noise by transferring calls directly to center-based operators, eliminate the pressure and stress of administrative assistants, and assure that customers get 100% of the attention of the representative they speak to.

Technology, space and cost differences exist between service packages with call centers and phone companies. With a call center service package, there is no technology to buy, because the call center already owns everything needed to handle calls. This saves office space, by eliminating the need for additional equipment. Phone company packages often require specialized phone systems, modems, and other hardware and software to process calls. Call center packages are, month-to-month, more costly than phone service packages. When you factor in the cost of purchasing hardware and software, the possibility of having to hire new staff, of needing more space and equipment, and the phone service itself, answering services end up costing less, overall.