April 15, 2018

Call Center Training 101: Why Is It Important to Have Good Product Knowledge?

Improve Product Knowledge with a call center

Consumers today are a bit more self-reliant when it comes to gathering product knowledge. They browse your website, visit your social media pages, and review your FAQs. However, you cannot rely solely on these resources to provide good product knowledge.

It is difficult to cover every “what if” type of question and concern someone might have. When consumers cannot find answers about your products, their next resource is to pick up the phone and call directly. When they speak to a live customer service agent, they expect the agent will be able to answer their product questions or alleviate any concerns.

Unfortunately, when the agent cannot provide the answers they seek, it can have a negative effect. Consumers may decide since the customer service agent did not know the answer, they are not confident in your company’s products. This could result in losing a sale to a competitor.

How to Improve Product Knowledge

outsource your call center to an answering service

The best way to improve product knowledge is through training and hands-on experiences. Some companies even give their employees products to use and try out to help them become more familiar with them.

Granted, this is not always possible, especially for big-ticket items or if you outsource your call center to an answering service. However, you could still create interactive virtual training apps that enable employees to experience the product in a virtual environment.

When your employees understand how products work and what they can and cannot do, they are better equipped at answering questions from consumers. In addition, educating and training your employees also helps build trust with consumers.

People are more likely to have faith in your products when your employees can provide accurate details. Furthermore, the extent of knowledge your employees have lends itself to building long-term relationships with your customers.

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