February 12, 2014

Call Center Agent Satisfaction

Your call center agents deal daily with tough customers and situations. While agents are trained to handle this, it is important to keep the mood up. When you choose your answering service, ensure it is one that considers its employees.

Holiday Celebrations

Even though agents are working holidays, it doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun. Many call centers have holiday parties, Secret Santas, or visits from the real guy himself. Instead of the entire office taking a break at once, there are rotating shifts so the phones are always covered. Even games like the Super Bowl are aired, so agents can watch during low volume call times and still talk about the plays the next day.

Excellence Recognition

Each agent is tracked by his Fort Worth call center for progress. When certain goals are reached, the agents received incentives such as gift certificates. Some run contests to motivate agents with rewards like a weekend getaway. As the agents receive recognition and rewards, their motivation increases.

Business Culture

While an answering service is a place of business, it should still encourage camaraderie among its workers. Agents are there to support your business, as well as themselves. It may be recognizing a birthday with cake, grilling for the start of summer, or doing community service projects together.

Maintaining positive moods of answering service agents is an important aspect of a good company. When workers are motivated and happy, this translates to higher customer service satisfaction for you. Choose a center that respects its employees to optimize your results.