September 9, 2020

Business Phone Answering Service Features

Business Phone Answering Service headset

Business phone answering services are not just for large corporations. They can help any industry of any size in a multitude of ways! With our many answering service features, there is something for every need in every industry.

Check out our business answering features to see which can help your customers, your communication, and improve your customer care!

Live Business Phone Answering Services

Being available for your callers at all times is important for any business – but you can’t be expected to wait by the phones all day and all night. Don’t let an influx of calls or calls after-hours put your business on hold!

Instead, utilize our live 24/7 business phone answering services, and let us answer your phones during high volume call times, or during that one call that comes in after you’ve already closed. Managing a constant flow of communication is one of the keys to success in today’s business world, and at Always Answer, we’ve been leading the way in exemplary business phone answering services since 1975! That’s over 45 years of business phone answering services!

From our innovative solutions and user-friendly software to our personable staff, customized options, and affordable answering service pricing, we offer everything you need in a call center, virtual receptionist, or after-hours business phone answering service.

Whatever your business, industry, or services, you need to be there for your clients and customers in whatever capacity they need. However, this can seriously impact your own daily work or your employees’ ability to get their tasks done. That’s why a live 24/7 business phone answering service is the perfect answer.

Virtual Receptionist Business Phone Answering Services

A virtual receptionist works just like as it sounds – to answer your phones and give your callers what they need, even if the receptionist isn’t onsite. And with most jobs moving to remote lately, having a virtual receptionist is a logical next step. Plus, there is no downtime like with a regular receptionist who may have hours a day without calls.

With Always Answer, you only pay for the minutes our virtual receptionist is actually on the phone with your callers, not the time they are between calls or waiting. We also take the time to understand your business and customers so our virtual receptionist can answer your callers’ questions accurately. This allows us to follow the instructions you give us and know exactly how to answer questions, pass along information, or transfer calls when necessary.

A virtual receptionist is truly an extension of your team and is one of the most powerful business phone answering services we provide – and all for much lower costs.

Business Services for Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation

If your industry works off of appointments, and most of your calls cater to this instead of inquiries, then we still have a business phone answering service for you. Our appointment scheduling and appointment confirmation services are a must if you want to fill your slots and have your clients show up on time.

Having clients forget their appointments can leave you with gaps in revenue and can make your clients’ waiting list weeks or even months long! However, there is a simple solution to all of your scheduling woes – appointment confirmation services from Always Answer.

We will not only schedule appointments for your clients, saving your front desk employees time, we can also confirm appointments beforehand, making sure your clients are aware of their time and aware of their upcoming appointment.

This business phone answering service truly helps you, your clients, and your entire office to run much more smoothly.

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Between answering customers’ questions, having a live and friendly voice on the other end of the line at all times (24/7), and being able to both schedule appointments and remind your clients of those appointments, we know that every industry and business can benefit from our phone answering services and their unique features.

Need another feature in your business phone answering plan? Contact Always Answer to get your personalized phone answering package started today!