November 4, 2013

Benefits of Call Centers during the Holiday Season

Some companies feel they handle their customer services needs throughout the year without the use of a call center. There are, however, benefits to using the service at least through the busy holiday season. Retailers may find an increase in customers and less stressed employees.

Customer Increase

When your company is based online, many people may avoid purchasing from you if they can only contact you through email. If you add call center services for just a few months, this makes your customers feel more comfortable buying your products. It makes it easy for the company to be contacted if there are any issues or to check order status because they are given a live person and immediate response.

Employee Efficiency

During the holiday season, many employees are stressed and bogged down over a sudden surge in customer need. There are angry customers wanting answers about refund policies. You may have stressed customers who can’t figure out how to put together a toy. Call centers can handle these tasks for you and lift the burden off your employees. This makes them more efficient in other aspects of their job and focused on creating a happy customer. Your employee’s attitude will also change in a positive way when they are not facing upset customers constantly.

24/7 Care

Though your business may not be open 24 hours a day, your call center will be. This gives your customers the opportunity to call for help or information on their schedule. It can be extremely difficult to fit in a phone call before six o’clock during a workday, and, during the holiday season, phone lines are generally busier. Implementing extra help means your customers have an easy way to get a hold of you with shorter waiting times. Both of these increase satisfaction and lead to return customers.

If you don’t feel that you need a call center year round, take advantage of the services during the busy holiday season. This will lower your employees’ and your own stress level by making it easier to take care of your customers.