June 24, 2013

Are Business Alarms and Emergencies with Your Business Causing Stress?

All manner of emergencies can come up in business. Is your office in an area of town prone to burglaries? Do you work in a science lab with temperature- sensitive research samples in coolers or incubators? Does your medical office receive emergency calls when the office is closed? If your business is prone to alarms going off, or emergencies needing immediate attention, you can gain peace of mind and extend the quality of service and protection of your business by employing the alarm alert and emergency response services of Personal Communications.

Call center operators can be instructed to monitor alarms for your business, such as intrusion and car alarm systems. The operator, once receiving notification of an alarm being triggered, can either alert emergency responders in your town and/or alert you or your staff. By having an operator monitor your alarms, you will not only be assured of an extra set of eyes watching over your business, but also the knowledge that, with constant monitoring, emergencies can be dealt with in a more timely manner, decreasing the risk of accruing damages.

Emergency response services can be an invaluable tool for medical facilities, utility companies, and any other business or organization that has emergencies arise and clients who need immediate, personal, caring attention. Emergency messages can be relayed directly to you, your staff, or designated on-call personnel through a phone call, text message, pager, or e-mail providing a means for speedy response to your clients’ needs. Emergency calls can also, if need be, be directed to emergency response teams. By having a live voice on the other end of the line, you can give your clients or patients the comfort and peace of mind that personal service inspires, thereby making them feel secure in the services you provide to them.