January 27, 2014

Answering Service Receptionist

It can be difficult to find a receptionist. There is often a high turnover rate, along with many other associated costs. An answering service can help you cut these costs. When you utilize the receptionist offered at your Houston call center, you will find you save money, while increasing efficiency.

Working 8-5

Almost every business operates on an 8-5 or similar schedule. When you utilize an in-house receptionist, she is only available during these hours. Your customers, however, may not be available then, especially if they work jobs with similar hours. Your answering service can give you a receptionist with around the clock availability. This ensures your customers never get a voicemail or busy signal.


You may not think it, but an in-house receptionist is pretty expensive. If you have even one receptionist, you need to pay a yearly salary, benefits, and vacation. Not only that, but you also incur expenses in training and sick days. These are all areas where your Houston call center can help you save. The call center trains their receptionist so that she is educated about your company and needs. You are not paying her salary, her benefits, or her sick days. You do not need to worry about a high turnover rate, either, because you are guaranteed to have someone there for you. This, in turn, leads to saved money on training.

A receptionist that is handled through an answering service may not be the answer for every business. Many, though, will find the benefits outweigh the fact that you are outsourcing the work. Luckily, Houston has some of the top call centers available, so your customers are still able to speak to a local representative who understands the care they need.