December 23, 2013

Answering Service and Live Chat

When you think answering service, you probably think of phone calls. With today’s technology, though, it now means emails and live chat, as well. If you haven’t added live chat to your answering service capabilities, you are missing out on a large customer service market. Many find this easier and more beneficial.

Customer Convenience

Live chat offers your customers a convenient method to contact your company for support or questions about products. If you are an online retailer, you are more likely to have purchases made when live chat is available. This is because there is an immediate response with no wait time, while the customer is still looking at the product. If there is a wait time, it is generally shorter, and they aren’t tied to a phone. Customers can still browse, email, or use social media while waiting for the chat. Live chat also gives your customers answers to issues they may have, such as product function or promotions.

Save Money While Making Money

Generally, your call center ends up spending less time with customers who use live chat versus phone calls. This reduces logged work time, while increasing their reach. Your profit then increases because more sales are completed. When the live chat is utilized, your customer is already interested in making a purchase and has a specific product in mind. The live chat allows the representative to talk him through the sale and help close the deal.

Your answering service can do more than answer the phone. They provide an array of services and ways for your customers to find support. This is important for your profit margin and to maintain returning buyers.