July 17, 2013

And The Survey Says…

Outsourcing call centers have expanded their breadth of services in the past few decades: they now even include outbound outsourcing of calls. This means that if that grant proposal you are working on for next year’s budget needs a little statistical data from your organization’s members, in order to back up your claims of growth and productivity, call center operators can take your call list and prepared survey and survey everyone in your organization. Survey services can be useful for many ventures, including grant proposal writing, customer analysis, and feeling out the market before developing a new product or initiating a new service. Surveying your customer base, volunteers, or patrons can provide valuable information to your business or organization, but there is no reason that you should incur high operating costs in collecting that information — not when Personal Communications can do the job in a cost-efficient, timely manner.

By acquiring the assistance of Personal Communications’ call center operators in performing and processing surveys, you will avoid overloading your in-house staff with extra work on top of their regular tasks, hiring temporary staff to do the job, or having  to pay in-house staff hours of overtime. Also, with high tech phone and computer technology and training in how to speedily and professionally handle calls, call center operators can quickly perform a survey and send documented data directly to you or your staff to be used as needed. Not only can survey services help you save money, but they also help save time and keep you organized.