November 8, 2013

Alarm Systems Do More than Produce Sound

Alarm Systems Do More than Produce Sound

To many, “alarm system” means that a loud noise is emitted when someone intrudes. While this is occurring, the company is being notified, so that law enforcement can be dispatched. Your call center, though, has improved how alarm systems work, so you can customize your options.

Email Notification

If an alarm is set off, call centers can now send an email to you. Often, this notification arrives faster than other modes because it can be checked from your phone, computer, or other smart technology. You can also choose to be alerted through a phone call, or another way, by setting up a plan specific for your company.

Optional Dispatch

When you choose to set up an alarm system, you have the ability to decide when dispatch should be released. It can wait until any given time, or can be an immediate action from when the first notice is received that there is a problem. This allows you to rest knowing that someone else is already taking care of it. You are then updated with any findings.

24/7 Care

Your alarm system is going to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call centers do not rest, so that you can. With around the clock care, you can relax on your hours off and focus on other things than the safety of your company. There are eyes and ears taking care of your property, any time you want.

It is important to choose a call center that offers the care you want. This includes an up-to-date alarm system that is customized specifically for your needs.