August 14, 2013

Alarm Monitoring Through Call Center Services

Alarm service companies often specialize in providing and installing alarm systems, with the promise to monitor those systems. By employing an outsource call center service to do the monitoring, alarm companies can focus on their equipment and tend to installation and maintenance, and let the highly trained call center operators handle monitoring.

By having a centralized call center take care of monitoring alarm systems for your company, you can cut down on operating costs, as the Personal Communications Dallas-based call center has top of the line hardware and cutting edge software that allows their operators to perform monitoring and process alarm alert calls efficiently and effectively, in real time. By using professional operators and effective hardware and software, a team of operators can monitor thousands of alarms. Having 24/7/365 call center service also saves in operating costs by cutting down on overtime and other pay-related costs involved in hiring additional in-house staff to work around the clock; each additional staff member can cost tens of thousands of dollars to maintain, once salary and benefits are factored into the equation.

In addition to the monitoring services, call center operators can serve as customer service representatives to alarm companies. Operators can provide general information about the company and its products, give directions to a showroom, and process sales orders. By employing satellites and the internet, Personal Communications streamlines the alarm monitoring and customer service processes, while extending your company’s availability to customers, and giving them a sense of security and loyalty — loyalty that will have them not only staying with your company, but also recommending you to their associates, friends, and family.