August 9, 2019

5 Ways to Increase Your Outbound Call Success Rate

Phone from outbound call center

If you are having trouble with your outbound call success rate, then maybe you’re running into one of the below difficulties. But don’t worry, Always Answer is here to help!

We have vast experience in outbound and inbound calling and love seeing the success rates of our clients rise. Learn about our top 5 ways to increase your outbound call success rates below.

Work on Your Handle Time

How long is your typical phone call? Are your agents and employees spending too long on each call? This can mean one of two things – but they both result in fewer sales, fewer scripts, or less information gained (if you are performing surveys).

The first thing that long handle times can mean is that your agent isn’t a great closer, you can work on this with them and do some trials to see where they are losing their clients and how you can help. The second thing that long handle times can mean is your agent isn’t as familiar with the product or service.

Make sure each of your callers knows all the details of the service or product (or survey) they are going over so they can answer questions, improve image, and give quick, concise information to your customers.

Shake Up Your Outbound Call Scripts

Sometimes scripts are helpful, but not if you have to stick to the same exact wording, phrases, pauses, and questions each and every time.

Your clients can tell when they are having a genuine conversation (even if it is guided) and when they are just having a script rattled off to the. Make sure your callers are natural and able to switch up their script at times, while still giving the needed information.

Engage with Your Prospect’s Interests

Sometimes having a conversation and pulling interests into the call can be helpful. But more often, you need to be sure you are calling someone who is actually interested in your services, products, or information.

A great example is calling graduates of a college for donations – not cold calling numbers of people who do not know or care about the college.

Making connections is a great way to increase your outbound call success rates!

Optimize Your Outbound Call Process

Knowing your business, products, or services is integral to running a successful outbound calling campaign, as this optimizes and streamlines your entire process from start to finish.

However, there are other ways to maximize your productivity and see where you can optimize your process better. Penetration reports give you a great overview of your agent’s performance, as well as trends in sales, sort data and more.

We highly recommend using penetration reports to get a better view of your overall process and some useful stats.

Use the 3 Es – Empower, Engage, Entice

Last but not least, the best way to increase your outbound call success rate is to use the three Es – starting by empowering your customers.

No one wants to feel like they are being pushed or manipulated, but they do love learning and finding new things that make them feel good or help them with a problem. This is why more and more companies are becoming subscription-based, while also being transparent and ‘inbound’ focused instead of outbound.

Pressuring your clients into buying just to close a sale will most likely cost you the sale and persuade that client to never do business with you again.

Instead, give your potential client space and give them the power to make a decision whenever and however they want – that flexibility means a great deal to them.

A great way to do this is to ask for their feedback either on the call or via a different medium in a follow-up, like a survey in their inbox, or even a texted link if they are interested in knowing more or sharing their views.

Additionally, engage with your client and tell them the true and honest positives of your service or product. By both empowering, engaging, and enticing them, you will close more without having to pressure them or use pushy sales tactics.

Do You Need Help with Your Outbound Calling Strategy?

Of course, knowing your product or service is the best way to optimize your outbound call process and increase its success, and that’s why Always Answer is known for great outbound and inbound calling practices.

We take the time to learn about your company, products, and services so we can naturally and honestly answer your callers’ questions.

If you need help with your outbound calling process, then contact Always Answer today!