January 2, 2015

3 Ways to Cut Unnecessary Expenses and Improve Production This Year

Leaner, meaner, greener. That’s what it takes to thrive in today’s business world. How can your company cut the fat out of the budget, while still remaining productive and vital? Here are some great ideas for making operations leaner, meaner, and greener for 2015.

1. Reduce Energy Waste 

The end of 2014 marked some of the lowest oil and energy prices seen in recent years, but federal regulations are quickly squeezing out the ability of power companies to depend on coal power production, which is slated to drive energy costs up in the near future. Prepare your company for future higher prices, and cut the bill now with energy-saving tactics like:

  • Shut off non-essential equipment when not in use, such as printers, computers, and production machinery.
  • Put lights on timers to shut off after hours, except those essential for security purposes.
  • When replacing equipment, think in terms of power savings, such as more efficient computers, monitors, servers, and printers.
  • Eliminate redundant equipment, such as extra machines that stay on but aren’t necessary for production work.

2. Outsource Non-Critical Jobs 

Are you keeping a beefier workforce than necessary to manage non-production tasks like answering the phones, filing, shredding, and invoicing? Most of these jobs can be outsourced less expensively, allowing you to focus on what the company does best instead of busywork. Consider a call center or answering service to handle phones, and outsource other non-essential work to an outside firm or enlist the help of a temp agency for irregular responsibilities.

3. Find Better Sources for Supplies 

Are you getting the best deal possible on office supplies and other essentials? Shop around. If you’re willing to place bulk orders, you can often get these supplies for far less than you’re paying now.

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