December 17, 2014

3 Ways to Capture New Customers by Thinking out of the Box

Is your business stuck in a marketing rut? Do you still run the same television, radio, and newspaper ad campaigns that worked for you in the ’90s? If so, it’s time to ramp up those advertisement plans to begin generating new business. Here are your best bets, along with some ideas that may spark innovations of your own.

1. Refine Your Advertising Scheme 

Are you advertising where your customers are? Maybe not. Technology is changing everything. DVRs mean people simply fast-forward through your TV ads, which is often the most expensive type of ads you buy. Satellite radio has knocked a chunk out of radio advertising, and only older demographics can reliably be reached through newspaper ads. Find out where your customers are going for information these days. Develop plans to reach consumers on their smartphones and tablets, as well as their desktop computers, online news agencies, and blogs they enjoy.

2. Make Good Use of Trade Shows and Events 

Most every city in the U.S. holds regular trade shows and events catering to a specific industry. What types of events does your customer base enjoy? Home improvement shows, tech shows, women’s fairs, health fairs, and many other events can be great places to get personal with your target demographic groups. Bring great promotional materials, build an attractive booth, and send employees with a real passion for your business to attend these events on your behalf.

3. Offer Educational Courses on Your Area of Expertise 

Whether you’re into HVAC, plumbing, electrical work, auto repair, or high-tech stuff, you have expertise that people want and need. Have your call center develop a campaign to contact interested learners, and host webinars, live events, YouTube broadcasts, and other educational events to reach out to the community. Home Depot has had remarkable success with their DIY courses, Do-It-Herself Classes and Kids’ Workshops, teaching people valuable skills while promoting their products.

Reaching out to potential customers where they are, and offering them valuable tools and information, establishes your business as the go-to place for everything in your field. Call Always Answer at 800-606-9898 for more ideas.