December 29, 2014

3 Tricks for Boosting Your Business to New Heights This Year

Heading into a new year is a great time to reevaluate how you’re reaching your customers and find better ways of boosting sales to improve your bottom line. Here are three great ways to improve your customer outreach with timely innovations like better social media management, improved answering services, and new ways to provide customers with interesting and engaging content.

1. Manage Social Media More Effectively 

By now, you’re managing your social media pages regularly and using them to improve marketing messages, product offerings, and customer relationships. But are you following all of the social media posts about your company that aren’t posted on your own pages? For example, by following out hashtags on your company and product lines, you can get an even better picture of your messages and customer base. Search for and respond to social media hashtags relative to your industry, your company, and your products or services, such as “#PizzaTime, #JillsPizzaPlace, and #LargePepperoni.

2. Invest in Professional Answering Services 

Production workers are notorious for getting overwhelmed with the workload in addition to having to manage the phones. Outsourcing answering services is a great way to improve service while lessening the workload on your employees. A professional service can also do more for your business than your own staff can — such as taking the time to explain a new product line, handling customer satisfaction surveys, and managing confused or angry callers with professionalism.

3. Develop More Content for Marketing 

Are your brochures, white papers, and other marketing materials helpful, useful, and up-to-date? Today’s businesses provide these materials both online and offline, and fill them with high-quality writing and in-depth information that is useful to the consumer and easy to understand. Take a look at your marketing materials — both print and digital — and see if you can create something more engaging, enlightening, and attractive to today’s finicky consumer.

Here’s to seeing your business soar in 2015! For more ideas on bringing your business to new heights with premier answering services, please call Always Answer at 800-606-9898 today.