August 15, 2014

3 Things Your IT Department Can’t Fix

In this tech-minded world, it’s tempting to turn to the IT department to handle every problem that comes along. However, there is still a time in the world when good old-fashioned people-ingenuity out-produces even the most advanced technology. Learn when issues are better handled outside the tech department.

1. Customer Service Concerns

Customer service ratings are the single most important statistic the business can gather, because customers are the only real driving force for any business. While IT can help gather data and track customer satisfaction and experience, it cannot fix problems this data uncovers. Hiring a professional call center, or offering additional training for employees, is the only solution for customer service problems.

2. Employee Morale

Unhappy employees aren’t going to perk up because you added a digital time clock to their desktops or gave them mobile access to work from home after hours. Morale problems are only addressed by a sincere and dedicated management staff. Make sure your employees are well informed of new technologies that affect their jobs, and thoroughly trained on new technologies, so they can embrace the developments of IT, instead of dreading them.

3. Management Issues

Technology is never a substitute for hands-on managers who are available to employees, and who work together with them to solve problems. If there are morale issues in the ranks, the problems almost certainly stem from issues within the chain of management. Find these issues and address them on a personal level. IT can be a resource for gathering data, but can’t offer a solution to people problems.

Knowing when IT isn’t the best solution frees your tech staff to focus on what can and does directly benefit the company.