January 5, 2023

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Call Center

Call Center service in Dallas Texas

Once you realize you don’t have — or can’t find — the number of staff members you need to respond to customers’ incoming calls, it’s probably time to hire some help.

Answering and call center services come in all shapes, sizes, pricing, and experience levels — understanding which one you need (and why) is essential in meeting customer demands.

In this blog, we’re looking at the three questions you should consider before hiring a call center or answering service. It may seem like a simple decision to make, but many companies are similar, and you’ll want to ensure they can answer these important questions.

Keep reading to learn how to communicate your needs with a call center representative before signing that contract!

How do You Want Your Calls Handled?

It all starts with transferring calls professionally and expeditiously. The most basic services involve simply taking a message or making an appointment, but many companies offer custom services that build off the basic ones.

When cold transferring (sometimes called a blind transfer) a call, the agent finds out which person or department callers are looking for and transfers them to the right place without announcing the call.

When warm transferring a call, an agent will announce the call after getting the caller’s name, company, and phone number. If one of your team doesn’t pick up, the agent will take a message.

How Should Calls be Reported to Your Team?

One of the most important things you need to consider before choosing a call center or answering service is how you’d like to receive customer messages that the call center collects.

Email and text are standard options, but fax and message transfers can work if they suit your team’s preferences. You can also have the data entered directly into your CRM or a CSV file uploaded — plenty of options are available and can work for almost any organization.

You should consider the timing and delivery intervals — how often do you want your messages? Real-time message delivery might sound like the best option, but it isn’t the most practical for every type of call. You can even combine these methods for the most optimal results.

How do You Want Customers to See Your Business?

If you are expecting a large influx of calls, you may need a service that allows callers to keep their place in line and get a call back when it’s their turn. Today’s call centers and answering services have high-tech options that give your customers the flexibility they need.

You always want to create the best possible experience for your customers.

For instance, would you like a personalized recorded greeting played for every caller before they talk with a live agent? If so, would you like the firm you’re using to record the greeting, or would you like to record your own? Think about what you’d like to say, but keep it short and sweet, around 75 characters.

Call transfer etiquette is essential to each call and should be discussed with your representative before your service goes live.

Always Answer Handles Your Calls With Care

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