July 21, 2014

3 Office Tasks It’s Better to Outsource

The economic situation has improved somewhat, but companies still feel the pressure to perform better for cheaper. Demands for high-quality products and services are up, while revenues and tax breaks are down. In order to survive, you can outsource many office tasks to streamline your internal processes and focus on what your company does best. Here are some of the top office tasks it’s better to outsource than keep in-house:

  1. Accounting Services

Hiring a full-time accountant isn’t always necessary. Aside from the tremendously useful accounting software packages available, there are plenty of accounting firms willing to take on your business’s bookkeeping for a fraction of what hiring a professional accountant would cost. If local accounting firms are too costly, find a CPA who works from home part time. These professionals have all the knowledge and skills you’d get from a firm, without the overhead of office upkeep.

  1. Telephone Answering Service

Receptionists and customer service reps are another expense most companies can do without. A telephone answering service is already staffed with employees to handle incoming and outgoing calls, and a quality call center will train their staff for your particular needs. These services can also handle customer satisfaction surveys and other telephone-based needs.

  1. Information Technologies

Most companies operate using out-of-the-box software packages, and these do not require a staff of IT professionals to install and maintain them. Outsourcing IT services is an excellent way to save money on staff, office space, employee benefits, and other costs. Unless your company needs or uses custom-built software, an IT department isn’t necessary.

Before outsourcing, research and interview several companies to find the best fit. Approach hiring an outsourced firm the same way you would hiring a new employee: find the best fit for your company’s culture.