July 13, 2020

24 Hour Answering Service Stories

woman talking to 24 Hour Answering Service

24 hour answering services aren’t just for the big corporations who expect calls at all hours of the day and night. They are also helpful for businesses that don’t quite know when their calls might be needed. Or those who sometimes have calls after hours, sometimes in the mornings, throughout the day when they are too busy – the possibilities are endless!

And that is exactly why Always Answer wants to give some great examples of when a 24 hour answering service can come in handy! The 24 hour answering service stories may just be more diverse than you think.

Story 1: The After Hours Emergency Call + 24 Hour Answering Services

Emergency calls can come in at any time, any hour, and on any day. And you need to always be prepared! This is a lot to ask of your employees though – to always be on call or on the premise.

This is exactly when a 24 hour answering service may help you and your business tremendously! Picture this – you are home for the night, your property management business is closed, and your employees are all home and off the clock. But what if a toilet overflows? A leak springs? Or even a small fire is put out in one of your unit’s kitchens?

Who will your tenant call? Who will pick up? And is there the possibility that you won’t be made aware of the problem until hours later, or even the next day? This can cause more damage to be caused during the delay in response. Essentially, speed is of the essence!

Make sure you are not left out in the dark and you immediately know of emergencies and are able to deal with them, dispatch who is needed, and get the information needed to make the right choice with 24 hour answering services from Always Answer.

You only pay for the minutes used, which means we can be ready at any hour for you!

Story 2: The ‘Normal’ Information Call

Sometimes, it isn’t an emergency that ties up you, your employees, and your phone lines. Sometimes it just the normal phone calls – the information calls and questions that every business gets. 

“What are your hours?”

“Where are you located?”

“Do you have ___?”

“Do you offer ___?”

“What is your pricing?”

These questions are great – because they mean that customers are considering coming to your store, using your business, or are already on the way! But they can still clog your phone lines and employees’ time! Make sure you and your workers can do the jobs they need to do, by letting us cover your phones with a 24 hour answering service that will have all the answers, all the information, all the time!

And with no waits for your callers, ever.

Story 3: Event Registration Calls (& Calls & Calls) & 24 Hour Answering Services

If your business puts on events, or if you organize events, then you know that sometimes the phones never stop ringing with event registration calls. But you have an event to plan! You can’t be on the phone taking entries – but then you cannot miss these calls either, as they are needed to make your event successful and profitable.

What’s the solution?

A 24 hour answering service of course! We are here to take the same information as you, over and over again, making sure your registration is full and seamless, while you worry about day-to-day responsibilities and planning the event.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

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