February 14, 2014

You Are Covered on Holidays

There are a number of holidays throughout the year, from Thanksgiving, to President’s Day, to Memorial Day. You may offer all or none of these holidays off to your employees. Either way, your call center has you covered on any of these days. You can increase customer satisfaction, as well as employee satisfaction, by using these call center services.

Customer Satisfaction

Certain holidays, like Christmas, bring in a large flux of consumers. Your employees may be flooded with phone calls for order entry or product problems. The Dallas call center, though, can take the extra calls and act as your receptionist. This increases the volume of customers you can connect with and allows you to solve problems faster. All of this leads to higher customer satisfaction and return rates.

Employee Satisfaction

When you choose to use a call center for the holidays, you will enjoy a higher employee satisfaction rate. These services lower the workload your employees need to tackle. Your receptionist is less likely to deal with angry customers, which can affect his or her daily mood. You may notice you can afford to give more holidays off, without losing profit. The Dallas call center handles the holiday workload, so you can relax. While the employee satisfaction rate improves, so does the retention rate.

The holidays can be stressful enough, juggling family dinners, visits and weather. When you run a business, this can make these days even worse. Rather than falling into the stress, utilize call center services. Your customers, employees and family will all enjoy the freedom it offers.