February 24, 2014

Tools of an Answering Service Agent

Most industries rely on technology to some respect. This may be for sales, connecting to customers, or finding leads. Companies such as your answering service, though, need the latest technology. It keeps their services current and efficient so they are able to revolutionize how your business is helped. Rather than phones to call people, there are a number of tools your agent utilizes.

  • Noise Canceling Headsets: These headsets keep agents focused and attentive on the customer. Rather than getting lost in the noise of an office, there are no sounds other than the two voices.
  • Collaborative Browsing: You have the option to allow the agent and your customer to view the same webpage. This can be useful for customers who may be having trouble ordering or with a product. The agent can then see details.
  • Screen Pop: All conversations are recorded as part of quality control; however, it makes connection with repeat customers efficient. When a person calls, their record pops up on the screen, so the agent automatically has their information and previous conversations.
  • Skill-Based Routing: If you are utilizing specific services, you may have agents for sales and for help. Once initial information is verified, the customer is routed to the correct person for optimal performance.
  • Predictive Dialing: When you choose to use a call center to make calls for you, predictive dialing makes it easy. The program can tell when a call is finished and immediately sends the agent to a new call. This keeps the process efficient and does not waste your time.

There are many other tools your agent can use to offer high quality services. Along with these technological tools, you can find a new, high-speed computer, multi-line phone and microphone for top performance. You are paying for the asset of extra people, and your answering service uses the tools to ensure you receive the best care.