March 26, 2014

The Affordable Care Act and Call Centers

When you are using answering services, you and the center must meet to establish your needs. This can be a phone, virtual or in-person meeting. It allows you to go over important information like what you intend to use the center for and the volume amount expected to be received. When the government put together their center for the Affordable Care Act, this was not properly done.

Covered California is one of the answering services created specifically to enroll new members with Affordable Care Act insurance. Since its establishment, Covered California has struggled to maintain customer care. Knowing the large flux of uninsured that would be enrolling, a larger staff was necessary. At first, this was handled utilizing more grant money. The money was put forward to hire and train new employees. Covered California quickly realized it could still not handle the call volume.

Even today, with a week left until the initial deadline, the Covered California call center is still behind. Fifty percent of callers hang up in frustration of lengthy wait times. In fact, a 30-minute wait is considered short. Call time averages used to be as long as 50 minutes per call. This is completely unreasonable for most people and their schedules. Though the center is working diligently to answer questions, it is nowhere near its goal of a three percent hang up rate.

Call volume is expected to increase significantly in these last days. Not only will Covered California need to deal with the last minute rush, but all of the people who could not get through before. Establishing your needs with your answering service helps avoid this problem. A reputable call center with years of experience will estimate your service needs so you don’t run into lost calls and lost customers.

Don’t Make Your Customers Wait.