January 20, 2020

3 Small Business Industries That Are Booming in 2020

small business on a cell phone

Did you know that many industries are already booming in 2020? And of course, some are huge corporations that have been building their foundation for many years – but many areas also are booming for small businesses, which means they will need more business services support in 2020!

Though huge areas and companies, like those working in wind turbine installation and automated guided vehicle manufacturing, are growing by nearly 50%, there are other industries like telehealth services, 3D printing, and even digital design and web development which are often considered ‘small businesses’ – and yet they are booming with growth from 20-40% as well!

If you are looking to start a small business, make your business grow, or offer support services such as call answering, then these are the industries to be looking into!

Telehealth Services Growing by Over 35%

The Telehealth Services industry uses online and over-the-phone technology to deliver medical services and education by connecting users in many different areas or locations. Telehealth services can include treatment, diagnosis and assessment, monitoring, communication, and overall health education.

“The industry includes a wide range of information and digital imaging technologies, delivered primarily in three ways: videoconferencing, which provides real-time patient-provider consultations and provider-to-provider discussions; remote patient monitoring, in which electronic devices transmit patient health information to healthcare providers; and store-and-forward technologies, which transmit digital images, such as X-rays, computerized tomography (CT) scans and video clips, etc.” IBIS World Report

This means that healthcare is closer than ever and more accessible to many – and because of the changes in healthcare in the US every year, it’s an important area to look into. Additionally, telehealth services often need a call service provider to better serve their clients and keep their efficiency high. Always Answer offers answering services specific to the medical and healthcare field, offering services and features that are valuable to such a communication-driven industry.

3D Printing is Growing by Almost 30%

The 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Services industry has grown substantially over the last five years, driven by rapid technological improvements, lower costs and new applications for 3D printing technology.

While the falling price of 3D printing machines has encouraged many small businesses and companies to purchase their own machines and bypass industry services, demand has still continued to grow – meaning there is no shortage of work in this emerging industry.

In the next five years, industry revenue is expected to continue to grow at an annual rate of at least 27.3% (around $309.9 million). Usually, 3D printing creates prototypes in a highly cost-effective way, making most of the money directly for their company with relatively low overhead. However, if the company is small to keep that overhead low, then a call center, or 24/7 service is a great option to make them always available, but still keep their team small.

Digital Marketing & Web Development is Speedily Growing Every Year

Digital marketing, web development, and design are some of the largest areas for small business growth of the past 5 years. In addition, digital services like social media marketing and management, or SEO, fall within these umbrella terms.

Getting into digital marketing and web development take a fair amount of knowledge, however, with new classes and ways to learn constantly being created – with a little time, skill, and effort, anyone can learn these digital skills and then capitalize on them in this booming industry.

However, if your team is small and you don’t have a dedicated receptionist, consider a virtual receptionist who is always there from Always Answer.

Always Answer is Here to Provide Call & Answering Services for your Booming Business in the New Year!

We know that small business is important for America, and we want to support both the industries that are booming, and the ones that have always been available. That’s why Always Answer works in all the above areas, as well as advertising, government, insurance, law, property management, technology and more!

We’ve been around for decades and are excited to continue to serve the businesses of America in 2020 and beyond! Get pricing, start your free trial, or contact us today!