October 7, 2013

Sending Specialized Directions to Customers Based on Location

If you handle business calls from clients on your cell phone, or even if your business has a receptionist, you could be missing out on valuable calls throughout the day. When you are stuck in a meeting, or when your receptionist goes home for the day, you could miss important calls from clients who want to schedule with you, losing money and positive customer reviews.

One of the best ways to ensure that you never miss another call is to invest in an answering service. Call centers take these phone calls during times that you specify. This means that, even if you have a receptionist for part of the day, you can hire a call center customer service line to take calls during the hours that your receptionist is out.

In addition to scheduling appointments while you are unable to answer the phone, this service shows customers that you value their time, creating a more professional appearance. Customers who call wanting to make an appointment, but who are left with an answering machine, rather than speaking to a real person, could decide to schedule with another professional in the area, instead. Hiring a center to answer your calls ensures that your customers get to speak with a real person, every time, who can handle their scheduling needs.
Professionals taking calls can be trained to know what your hours are for scheduling and can inform your customers of your regular business hours if they need to reach someone with a more specific question. These professionals can also handle a large number calls at once, taking pressure off of you or your receptionist to schedule every client.